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The Swedish Lotta takes us on a hike to the waterfall Styggforsen. In Swedish, Styggforsen means ‘the evil waterfall’. It clatters into the depths from a height of 36 meters. The limestone walls make the waterfall appear impressive. While walking, we see the beautiful Swedish forest from within and we pause with a Swedish fika.
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Limestone from the Ice Age

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The path is flanked by tall limestone walls. This kind of walls arose from coral reef on the seabed, which was pushed up by sliding ice during the Ice Age. Limestone creates a very fertile ground and that is reflected in the plants and trees that grow here. There’s a lot of moss hanging from the trees, and that shows that the air here is very clean. You can smell it; the air is very fresh.

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Business in the forest

We follow the river and pass a pile of stones. Lotta asks if we know what it is, but we have no idea. “These are remnants of a brick factory” says Lotta. “There was also a water plant, a power plant and a limestone plant. There used to be a lot of activity in this forest.”

Wandelen Zweden Styggforsen 012 Wandelen Zweden Styggforsen 021

A Swedish fika

A staircase leads us up along the waterfall. Before we visit the waterfall, we treat ourselves to a real Swedish fika. A fika is a cup of coffee with something sweet. The Swedish love to have a ‘fika’ and they prefer to have one every day with friends in a cafe or as a picnic.
We are in a nice little hut with a central fireplace which we can use to make coffee and tea. According to Lotta, you can find one of these huts on every 20 kilometers. You could even sleep here if you are hiking and got lost, or if you are trekking. However, you must bring your own things like wood for cooking and your own food. Lotta also always takes a firesteel and wool along to start the fire.

Wandelen Zweden Styggforsen 039 Wandelen Zweden Styggforsen 037

Styggforsen, the evil waterfall

Now it’s time to view the 36 meter high waterfall from above. Water flows into the depths as an inexhaustible source, where it cuts the rocks even deeper. I find it fascinating and almost hypnotic to watch. This is where water, air and earth come together and if you have a Swedish fika, then there’s fire as well. All of those elements ensure that you are one with nature. It is a desire that only occurs when you are there and that makes you want to come back again and again.

Wandelen Zweden Styggforsen 017 Wandelen Zweden Styggforsen 018

Thanks to Lotta at Green Owl Travel .

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