Hiking to Preikestolen, Norway

Norway is the perfect country for beautiful hikes. You can wander endlessly through overwhelming nature. In central Norway you will find mountains and in the west the Fjords. Between those Fjords there is a magical rock that looks like a pulpit: Welcome to Preikestolen.

Preikestolen 005

Preikestolen could well be the dream of every hiker. The climb takes two to three hours and is intensive but possible for everyone in a good shape (some hikers prefer to do this with hiking sticks). You walk up through forests and you will occasionally climb over a big rock. On the way, there is plenty time to rest.

Preikestolen 002

Preikestolen 003

The gift that you receive at the top, is a phenomenal view: The big rocky point protrudes high above the fjord. The impressive grandeur can cause dizziness, so do not stand too close to the edge. Here, youngsters like to take exciting pictures for Instagram as they do a handstand -in my opinion much too- close to the edge. I get jitters in my stomach.

Preikestolen 001

Yet after a while I also become increasingly overconfident and I have this picture taken of myself:

Preikestolen 004

When the twilight falls, we walk back down the mountain.
It was an incredibly special day with Preikestolen as a memory that we will not soon forget!

Website: Tourist information Preikestolen.

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